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About Us

We are creative professionals who design, develop and publish apps, games, websites and blogs. We have years of experience in software development and digital content production.

Please note that we are not a company, nor do we entertain clients under this name.


Find below key people making products under the name KunRuch Creations.

Monika Ratan

Monika is a graphic designer and blogger. After working for multiple years at IBM as Consultant, she is now following her passion in creative design and writing.

More about Monika | Follow her @monikaratan

Kanishk Kunal

Kanishk is a passionate developer who worked at Microsoft as Software Development Engineer during 2007-13. Kanishk built apps and web products under Kunruch Creations during 2013-2021.

More about Kanishk | Follow him @kanishkkunal


Kindly follow the following brand guidelines and use the given assets when writing about KunRuch Creations.


When referring to us you can either use KunRuch Creations or KunRuch


Use the following PNG or SVG logo when denoting KunRuch Creations. Kindly don't change the colors, a grayscale version should be ok.


Following colors represent KunRuch Creations and can be used in relation with it. (Tap on colors to get values in other formats such as RGB)

For any queries kindly contact us.