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Achievement Unlocked! 50,000 downloads

KunRuch Creations apps crossed 50,000 downloads mark earlier this month. With our first app launched on 13th Oct 2011, it took us about 7 months to reach to 50K downloads worldwide. We would like to say thanks to all the users who downloaded our apps and recommended them to their friends. We currently have 3 apps in marketplace (2 free and 1 paid) and all of them have individually received 4+ star ratings on an average all over the world. Once again, thank you for all your nice comments and appreciations in the reviews and for all the great feedback!

Here we are sharing some of the stats of our apps (as of 14th May 2012)

Downloads KunRuch apps download numbers


Top 10 Countries by DownloadsTop 10 Countries By Numbers

Top 10 Devices by usage shareDevice usage share

Thank You! :)