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Announcing KunRuch Creations' new Home

KunRuch Creations has found a Home on the web on the occasion of New Year 2012. Since the inception of KunRuch Creations, we were maintaining our web presence mainly and actively on Facebook and Twitter. From this day, KunRuch Creations will continue to do so while sitting cozily in its home KunRuchCreations.com.

What we mean is, all news and announcements as well as information about our applications (currently MyTileMaker and MyTextTwister) and everything else related with KunRuch Creations can be found on KunRuchCreations.com, while we will continue to be active on Facebook and Twitter like earlier.

We are deeply thankful to all our users for their appreciation and continuous feedback sent to our email id [email protected]. From now on, we can also be reached at [email protected]

KunRuch Creations was founded in October, 2011. Since then, it has released two Windows Phone applications aggregating more than 10K downloads and 130+ reviews so far at the Windows Phone Marketplaces worldwide.

Thank you to all our users! Do let us know how we can improve our website to give you more useful and informative contents.