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Add lots of fun to SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. Create amazing text effects and decorate it with cool ASCII arts and top it up with built-in 1200+ emoticons.


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MyTextTwister Features

Type in inverted, rounded, leet speak...
Add ASCII arts decorations
1200+ emoticons (emojis)
Compose pranks, greetings, proposals...
SMS and email to your friends and loved ones
Post to social networking sites
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User Reviews ❤ MyTextTwister

Fun! Makes people go crazy :)
- Hassan HAMM, UK
Nice app and only for WP. Drives my iOS friends nuts
- draftdubya, US
Love this app ! Best thing ever !
- ViewingPandora2, US
Very cool change of pace :) fun to use and a nice surprise for the recipients. Get it!
- surjo, India
Beaucoup de possibilités pour égayer ses messages, ses statuts etc.
- a user from France