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Introducing SMS ART and EMOJICONS for Windows Phone

We have added two new applications SMS ART and EMOJICONS to the Windows Phone Marketplace. These applications are simplified versions of the features offered by our popular text fun app MyTextTwister, which has been around for a while in Marketplace and has gathered around 62,000+ downloads worldwide as of now. Along with a free ad-supported version, these new apps also offer a PRO version (paid) which is available without any ads.

Once you install these apps, you will find their app icons are metro friendly and they will respect your phone's theme color.



This app features the essential set of ASCII text decorations in an easy to use and well categorized metro control (Pivots).


♥ Categorized ASCII arts

♥ Christmas, birthday, Easter greetings…

♥ Love messages, popular exclamations and lots more.

♥ SMS or email your created text directly from the app.

♥ Post to social networking sites (configured on phone) directly from the app

♥ Copy to clipboard and use in other apps

Direct download links : SMS ART (FREE) and SMS ART Pro

Kindly visit the app page for the demo video and for downloading this app via Microsoft Tag.



This app is our attempt in making a metro friendly and easy to use emojicons (emoticons) composer. It features the largest collection of emojis (1200+).


♥ 1200+ emojicons

♥ Metro style categorized emoji picker

♥ Send as SMS

♥ Copy to clipboard

Direct download links : EMOJICONS (FREE) and EMOJICONS Pro

Kindly visit the app page for the demo video and for downloading this app via Microsoft Tag.

Reasons behind releasing these apps:

  1. Targeted and streamlined feature offering.
  2. Simpler and easier to use.
  3. Easier to discover in marketplace as their names suggest the feature they offer.
  4. Their pro version costs lesser.

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