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MyTextTwister for Windows 8 Store is here

Windows store got open for all developers few days back, and we made sure that we expand the reach of our apps to Windows Store as well. We are happy to announce that our app MyTextTwister, which has been downloaded and loved by more than 100,000 users world wide on windows phone, is now also available on Windows Store. If you have Windows 8 (not yet generally available) installed on your system then please do install the app and let us know of early feedbacks.

In this first release (version 1.0) of MyTextTwister on Windows Store, we have tried to keep things simple and limited it to core features while adapting it for a bigger screen. Right now MyTextTwister on Windows Store offers the following features:

♥ Convert text into inverted (upside-down), rounded, leet speak, artistic and many more text effects

♥ Use “share” from the app to email or Post to social networking sites configured on your device

♥ Auto copy to clipboard for pasting into all other apps

♥ Works great in snapped view

Soon enough we will expand the feature set of the app and will make the Windows Store app at par with the one in Windows Phone by including the text art decorations.