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Nominated for App of the Year and Best Free app!

WP7 2012 Community App awards

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our apps have made it to the final rounds of 2012 Community App awards which is being hosted by wp7applist.com.

We would like to thank all our users who vouched for our apps and nominated them in not one, but 5 different categories. As a result, our apps MyTextTwister and MyTileMaker have reached into the top 10 finalist apps in 5 categories (including App of the Year and Best Free app), which for us is an achievement in itself. It is really wonderful that our users find these apps worthy of such great titles.

Our apps are competing against the very best of the apps out there and we need your valuable votes to make them reach to the top.

We would also like to encourage you to try other apps which we are competing against (as they are also pretty good) and vote for us only if they find it appropriate to do so. :)

Please use the following direct links to vote for our apps.

App of The Year - MyTileMaker

Best Free App - MyTextTwister

Best Use of Live Tile - MyTileMaker

Best User Experience - MyTextTwister

Best Productivity App - MyTileMaker

Do check out other all great apps and games that got nominated.

Note: The voting system toggles vote if clicked on the above link twice or if clicked again on the app. Please make sure that you see a Tick mark against the app name that you have voted for when your mouse is not over it (and a cross X mark when the mouse is over it) as shown below.

Thanks! :)