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Introducing MyTextTwister Webapp with Facebook Integration

Really, No kidding! Although we are making a product announcement on 1st April, please be aware that this is not one of those fake product announcements that everyone else (like this one) is doing. In fact we are making this available today so that you can use it to play April fool jokes on your friends (and of course do much more). Jump to the end to see some ideas.


MyTextTwister Webapp & Facebook app

Similar to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions of MyTextTwister app, the webapp offers you unlimited fun with ⓉⒺⓍⓉ effects. Moreover we have made use of Facebook integration to help you post your cool status messages and to help you wish your friends on their birthdays.

You can access the app using the following links:

MyTextTwister Webapp

MyTextTwister Facebook app

Both the webapp and Facebook app offer same functionality. The only difference is that the webapp isn't embedded inside the Facebook canvas.

The webapp is pretty straightforward to use but you can always click on “How to use” button at the top to take a short tutorial of the app.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback and comments so that we can improve it further.

April fool Prank Ideas

MyTextTwister text effects (specially upside-down text effect) allows one to easily play pranks on friends. We have gathered a few ideas here to give you a kick start.

1. Your system is faulty

Prove to your friends that their system is faulty by typing the following text and applying up-side down effect.

“If you are seeing this upside down then your system has a rare glitch and can get corrupted anytime. Get it replaced as soon as possible.”


2. My account is hacked

Post this scary message on your Facebook profile to make it appear as if some hacker has hacked your Facebook account and is now going to hack all your friend’s accounts too. Don’t forget to choose the text effect as “L33t sp34k” or “Geeky” to make it look more authentic.

“Thank you for reading this post. We have hacked this account and have stolen all private data. Now we are going to hack your accounts too. – HACKER”


3. My keyboard is faulty

Make your friends believe that the keyboard that you bought from eBay is faulty by posting the following message with up-side down effect.


These are just some ideas to get you started, surely you will be able to come up with better prank ideas.

You can read our last years post if you want more prank ideas which can be played using MyTextTwister on Windows Phone & Windows 8.

Happy fooling around! Smile