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Play April fool prank on your friends with your windows phone

Hope that lot of people benefited from the life saving tips that we published for valentine's day. We are back and this time with a list of crazy ideas to play prank on your friends and family on April Fool's day. Sounds Fun, right? So here we go:

1. Your phone is screwed!

What could be better way to fool, than to prove your friend's non-windows phone to be buggy and piece of trash.  Open up MyTextTwister, type a scary message proving your friends phone is trashed, choose Twisting logic of "Upside down" and send the Twisted text as SMS to the victim. Some thing like shown below. Of-course you can come up with scarier text than this. Don't forget to replace iphone with your friend's phone model. screwed phone

2. Your system is hacked!

Now let's play a similar prank, but this time we will choose to send an email instead. Type a scary hacker style message using the twisting logic of Geeky, L33t sp34k or Mix Mode. Also make sure to add the decoration of "spooky guy" to add a little extra effect. :)

We came up with the following:

scary email

Now send this mail to your victim. Don't forget to add a catchy subject to the mail, something like "Check this out!". Once your friend opens it (whether on his phone or on his computer) he will sure get a panic attack after understanding whatever little he can read from this hacker message. If they check back on you, do make an innocent face and say that you also fell victim to it and the mail was sent automatically from your account to him.

(Normal Text for our readers: "Thank you for opening this email. Our job is done and your private data is stolen. We have sent this email to all your contacts to steal their data also. Enjoy!")

3. Alien invasion

Oh, we almost forgot that plain old way of making fool. How about Alien invasion?

or dinosaurs?


4. Ghost footprints

No prank list can be complete without a ghost story! Lets try to make our victim believe that he is gifted with a rare psychic power and ghosts may try to make contacts with him as their medium to the living world. (Isn't that scary?)

ghost footprints

That's it! Hope, you found these ideas amusing and they will be able to spark more ideas in your mind. Do explore all the twisting logics and Decoration ASCII arts of MyTextTwister and we are sure you can come up with many more pranks! Do let us know if come up with something special.

Happy fooling around! :)

More details about MyTextTwister.